In addition to the traditional negotiation meetings between companies, STEEB is pleased to offer to members of the energy business community (e.g. solar, oil and gas, investors, manufacturers, etc.) the opportunity to participate. This event will be a great platform for connecting government bodies, national authorities and industry leaders.  
STEEB is providing the unique opportunity to reserve Business to Business (B2B) meetings with International Organizations or other industry players as part of this grand event.  This service is catered to industry stakeholders interested in presenting a business proposals, negotiating a commercial agreement or showcasing a new product(s). 

Benefits of B2B Meetings: 

Registration Fees: US$ 300

Step 1: Complete the Industry Registr​ation Page​
Step 2: Consult the list of participating International Organizations and Industry Participants​
Step 3: Complete the Meeting Request Form to submit a request for meetings with any participating International Organization, or other industry player.
Step 4: STEEB Team will contact you via e-mail with the initial and final meeting schedules